The great actors of the world transport you using the power of their imaginations and the strength of their inner lives. Hypnosis can open the door to your imagination and give you direct experiential contact with your own inner life.

The A-C-B's of how hypnosis can help you

architecture - Chicago, IL

architecture - Chicago, IL

Audition Coaching

  • go into the room with calm, confidence
  • establish hypnotic anchors to...
    • completely inhabit a character
    • ease nerves
    • let your individual personality shine out
    • improve your recall and cut down on time spent learning lines
  • use the law of attraction to draw success to you
Player Piano - House on the Rock in Spring Green, WI

Player Piano - House on the Rock in Spring Green, WI

Character creation

partner with your sub-conscious to...

  • find your character's unique voice and physicality
  • discover and experience specific moments in your character's life history, giving you easy access to a rich inner life
  • learn NLP tools to more completely inhabit the truth of your character
  • create anchors which allow you to move easily in and out of character, allowing you to relax on set and during breaks but still step into highly charged emotional moments when you choose

Better Business Habits

  • create an acting business plan to help you guide and focus your career
  • learn specific marketing tools to build more relationships with the people you want to be friends with
  • end procrastination and other self-sabotaging blocks to your success
  • build specific habits into your life to...
    • be consistent in your networking, and marketing
    • lose weight, get stronger, and lead a healthy lifestyle
    • lead a productive daily life filled with accomplishments instead of the tiny corpses of time that has been killed
  • learn tools to help you enjoy and maximize networking opportunities
  • empower yourself to take responsibility for and control of your career - and your life!


transform rejection into Connection

One of the hardest parts of a life as an actor is the inevitable frequent rejection. It's an aspect of being an actor that few other professions come close to experiencing and it makes it a struggle to maintain an image of who you actually are. Hypnotherapy will help you...

  • learn tools to reframe professional rejection into positive experiences which can advance your career
  • build your self-image, becoming less vulnerable to the casual critique of others
  • reinforce the knowledge that relationships are more important to your long-term career than any individual role - every audition is a success if you show the people in the room you can do amazing work

Adapt to Success and Celebrity

We've all seen and heard the stories of actors who work long and hard towards a fantastic big break, only to self-destruct when they get it. New wealth and celebrity can represent drastic changes to your psyche. If your sub-conscious is still stuck in a poverty and anonymity script, it will work to get you back to that point, even if it has to hurt you to do it. Hypnotherapy can help you... 

  • rewrite your life script to welcome success and actively seek more
  • raise the celling of what you can accomplish
  • focus on sensible ways to celebrate, so the celebration doesn't turn your wins into losses 
  • set personal boundaries to protect yourself from "old friends" who only want something, and save yourself for the true friends you still need
As with all clients, your complete confidentially is a priority. In-home sessions are available for an additional fee, or ask about Skype sessions.