David LM McIntyre, C.Ht (certified hypnotherapist)

     I am delighted that you found this page and I'm excited to work with you. One of the most important things I've learned in becoming a hypnotherapist is the way in which our sub-conscious minds can take our lives in directions we are not aware. I have been working towards my current career as a hypnotherapist for my whole life and only recently realized it.

     Before becoming a hypnotherapist, I was a professional actor and theatre director. I received a Bachelors in "Drama" from New York University (in any acting program, there will be a lot of "drama.") I went on to get a Masters degree in directing from UCSD, one of the top three theatre training programs in the United States. I've appeared in films and TV shows, but primarily worked on the stage. Over the past few years I've performed in the long running Our Town with Helen Hunt and toured to New York, Edinburgh, London, Beijing, and Shanghai - which might seem to be leading away from a career helping using hypnosis to help people.

     But, with every character I created using visualization, every actor I directed towards a self-empowered performance, every warm-up and emotional relaxation exercise, I was practicing the skills I now call on in working with clients.

     Both of my parents had been psychologists and many of the books I would read off my mother's shelves were books on Creative Visualization, Mythic Journeys, Psychoanalysis, and, yes, even Hypnosis. Long after leaving home, I maintained an interest in reading books on self-actualization, Jungian interpretation of stories and dreams, and conscious self-empowerment. My life and breeding seemed to all be pointing me towards a life helping and counseling; I had just taken a while to notice it.

     I trained at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) and still work with my Mentor and the instructors at HMI  both in developing my practice and consulting on various cases. HMI is the only accredited institution teaching Hypnotherapy in the United States and the experience was thrilling.

     I look forward to meeting you. Call me for your complementary telephone evaluation and to get started on the next step of your own journey.


Certified as a Hypnotherapis by the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

Certification Number: 33461531

In Good Standing Since 2016


Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, California, graduated December of 2016

Has conducted a private practice since 2016, assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reduction, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, insomnia, creative blocks and the reduction of chronic pain.


MFA in Directing from the University of California, San Diego, March 1996

BFA in Drama from New York University, June, 1990

- this training become highly applicable when working with actors or writers



Member in Good Standing of the American Hypnotherapists Association



Certified Master Thearapeutic Imagery Facilitator

sing the healing and creative power of the sub-conscious, and using it's tendency to work in images, I can help you accomplish and discover much

Also Certified in using hypnosis to help with:


    • get control of your own experience and reclaim your life
  • Smoking Cessation


    • increase your time in the zone, regain your drive and reclaim your enjoyment of the game while boosting your performance

    • working with your physician...
      • increase your comfort and confidence going into surgery and improve your surgical outcome
      • speed your recovery, lessen your dependence on pain-killers to manage your post-surgical healing
  • The Law of Attraction

    • learn why wanting doesn't lead to having
    • but you CAN bring what you want into your life

    • lessen your symptoms and improve your concentration

 Additional training in using hypnosis with:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • the loss of a pet

  • hoarding

  • fears and anxieties

  • public speaking

  • writer's block

  • positive thinking

  • and achieving life goals