Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make me do things I don't want to?

No, no hypnotist can make you do, say, think, or feel anything you don't want to.

I personally believe that helping people find their own life's course is my chief job and an important part of that is working at finding out what the things are you want to do but are having problems doing.

Hypnosis is a way for you to control your own mind.

Can I get it all done in one session?

Maybe. Hypnotherapy is a highly individualized process and is different for everyone. There are some people who are able to achieve amazing changes in a single session, but they are rare. Most issues are the result of a lifetime of habits and reinforcement and are not easily undone without a number of sessions helping you strengthen the new behavior. Other issues are the result of underlying causes which need to be resolved first before the manifested symptom (the issue) can be addressed.

Any hypnotist who promises change in one session, or three sessions, or even six, is telling you that they don't know what they are doing. People are different; you and your issues are unique. If someone thinks there's one solution that works for everyone, they shouldn't be taken seriously.

After the first session, you and your therapist might start to have an idea of how many sessions you will want. Since this therapy works directly with your sub-conscious and is focussed on specific results, it will generally require a much shorter time then talk therapy. Commit to manifesting the change you want and your hypnotherapist will help get you there.

Are Stage Hypnosis Shows real? And Will you make me bark like a dog?

Yes, most stage hypnotists are actually hypnotizing the people they bring up. There are some who use audience plants, but even the ones who use plants are only doing so in case they don't find suitable subjects in the audience. And that's the key. The stage hypnotist seeks out a very narrow group of individuals we refer to as somnambulists - people who are generally more suggestible already and don't need a lot to hypnotize. Most stage hypnotists have developed a series of ways to determine who in the audience is more somnambulistic. Those are the people they bring up on stage.

By that point, the people who go up have already agreed to be hypnotized twice - once when they bought the ticket for the show and the second time when they go up. This double agreement, combined with the general desire to be part of a fun show, all primes them go along. Many people will be fully aware of what they're doing, but allow it to happen.

Hypnotherapy differs from Stage Hypnosis in that it doesn't focus on working only with somnambulists; all committed clients will experience positive results.

As far as making you bark like a dog, see the first question above. Hypnotherapists don't make anyone do anything; we help people do what they want to do. So, do you want to bark like a dog?

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes, but your experience of hypnosis may not be what you're expecting. It also might not be what someone else experiences when they are hypnotized. There are many different types of people and many different ways of experiencing life. But, everyone goes into hypnosis everyday (while falling asleep, daydreaming, getting lost in a movie, of just getting into The Zone while creating or playing a sport.) This is how we know that everyone can be hypnotized.

The real question is are you willing to go on this journey. Because if you are, it will be a terrific and life-changing one.