Conquering Fears, Phobias and Anxieties with Hypnotherapy

     Fear manifests itself in many forms, from PTSD to test anxiety, from social anxieties to agoraphobia. You might fear flying, success, public speaking or spiders. All fear is a manifestation of your healthy impulse to stay alive and unharmed. It can motivate you in a positive direction, motivating loving and productive action.

But too often fear ceases keeping you alive and stops you from living.

It's time to take action to conquer that fear.

     The experience of a fear or a phobia is real and valid. But so is the relief that is possible by addressing it. Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully effective tool for helping you do that.


Social Fears

For some, walking into a party can bring on terror as real and immediate as facing a hungry tiger in the wild. And it's a commonly repeated factoid that many people are more frightened of public speaking then they are of death. Whether the symptoms are increased heart-rate and nervous perspiration or a sense of isolation and general anxiety, you can find relief by working with your sub-conscious. Hypnotherapy helps you make the connection and soon you will find yourself enjoying parties, mixers and other social events.

Functional Fears

First you notice yourself becoming less comfortable driving at night. Then you find excuses to avoid driving altogether. Or maybe it's flying that hits your panic button. Perhaps the thought of stepping outside your home has gone from something you'd rather not do to something the is too terrifying to contemplate. These fears are called functional fears because they are stopping you from functioning in modern society. These fears are part psychological, but also often have a physiological origin. A Hypnotherapist can help you open new doors with confidence and get back to living.


Animal Fears

Animal that people fear include dogs, snakes, spiders, whales, sharks, birds, worms, and insects. As ridiculous as some of those might seem to you, they are deadly serious to others. If you have an animal fear that is getting in the way of your daily life, or just presenting a frequent problem, hypnotherapy can work with you to desensitize you to the fear, helping you change the way you think about the triggering creature. This is done without "exposure therapy" or drug treatment. (And no-one will ever hold a tarantula out to you.)

Achievement Fears

Fear of success and fear of failure are both effective at incapacitating you in life. Fear of success can prevent you from finishing basic tasks or lead you to self-sabotage, while fear of failure might keep you from even starting. Less concrete, and thus more insidious, these fears can cripple your life if you don't take steps to overcome them. Hypnotherapy can help you create and move toward optimum outcomes. You've heard that the perfect is the enemy of the good. You'll learn to pursue excellence and how to celebrate your own self-worth.

claim the life you deserve!

claim the life you deserve!