Hypnosis and the Performer

workshop / demonstration

With participation and fun, learn how you can use hypnosis to be a better and happier performer

     Hypnosis is a means of channeling the deep powers of your sub-conscious mind into your artistic creation It allows you to take that creative beast which runs rampant when you think of all the bad things people might think about you, and direct that creativity to actually creating.


Access your Sub-Conscious Creativity

Using Hypnosis, you can create memories and experiences which allow you to respond intuitively and in the moment.


Access Your Sub-Conscious Creativity

Using hypnosis, you can create actual memories for your characters which will allow you to respond intuitively in the moment.

Overcome Anxiety, Nerves and Stress

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Learn Lines and Access Emotion Faster

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David LM McIntyre, CHt. has been acting for forty-three years. Working as both an actor and a director, he was implementing many principles of hypnosis long before he began actively studying the field. He earned his BFA from New York University, with a double major in Dramatic Writing and Drama. And then went on to earn his MFA from the University of California, San Diego in Directing. He earned his Hypnotherapist Certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the oldest nationally accredited college for Hypnotherapy, and one of only two such accredited programs in the United States. With a background as a working actor, David understands both the day-to-day implementation of hypnotherapy in an actors life, as well as the creative potential of having your sub-conscious mind as a friend and partner.