Hypnosis and Weight Loss

"Have you lost weight?" someone asks. But what they are really noticing is that you are becoming leaner and healthier. Unfortunately, much of the language around leading a healthy life centers on weight (weight loss, dropping pounds.) But lowering your body fat percentage or melting inches off your waist might not be reflected in your scale. Often your BMI doesn't account for increased muscle mass or general health level.

For simplicity's sake however, we will use "weight loss" here to refer to not just weighing less, but also to having more endurance and energy, to fitting into clothes better, to feeling stronger and more in shape, and even to lowering your blood pressure.


Neither Diet nor Exercise alone will get you to your slimming goals. But they are both important elements in any healthy reducing plan.


Do you have problems eating the foods you know are good for you? Or do you struggle with stopping eating the foods you know are bad for you? Or is the amount of food you eat your issue? Hypnotherapy can help you start loving the foods you should eat and lose you appetite for the foods you want to stop putting into your system.


Exercise is actually a very bad way to lose weight. But it is essential to leading a healthy life and can greatly help not just your health, but also your mood and your ability to make the right decisions. Your sub-conscious is ready to be your work-out buddy and keep you encouraged and excited about making healthy changes in your level of exercise.

Body Image

If you have ever gotten frustrated and given up on weight loss attempts in the past, it's likely because your sub-conscious didn't have a positive image for your leaner, healthier life. Or maybe you had accidentally built your current weight up as an important aspect of how you define yourself. By creating and strengthening new positive images and concepts of yourself, you give your sub-conscious permission to assist you in making those images real.


All diets fail. Only long-term changes in how you live give you lasting improvement in health and happiness. If you don't like doing it, you'll eventually stop.

So every step of our process together will be helping you find joy, freedom and pleasure in the positive changes you make. By the time you reach your goal weight (or measurement or dress size or whatever) you will find it easy to maintain the new you because you will love all the things you are doing.