How does my mind work?


Primitive and Sub-Conscious Mind

     When we're born, we all have basic survival instincts built in. These instincts include the Flight-or-Fight drive which lives on in us as we grow. When we feel the need to run and hide or when we are barely able to contain our anger, that instinct is triggered.


     For approximately the first eight years of our lives, our minds are open and highly suggestible. When someone tells us or shows us something, we accept it without questioning. All the things we learn during that time goes to form the basis of our belief system. Some of these experiences are positive and some are negative, but once they are experienced they become known and part of our life script. This script is then consulted for the remainder of our lives - it is what we call, our Sub-Conscious Mind. It is roughly analogous to what Freud called the Id.


     At about the age of eight, we begin developing what is called The Critical Mind. It shields the Sub-Conscious Mind and allows it to function. Without the Critical Mind, our sub-conscious would be filled with every experience, every overheard piece of gossip and every perceived slight or offense. But the Critical Mind also filters out many of the thoughts we consciously desire to think. It is close in definition to what Freud called the Super-Ego.


     The Conscious Mind forms around the same time as the Critical Mind. It is where we do our reasoning, our planning, our logic thinking. These thoughts are checked by our Critical Mind against the Knowns stored in our Sub-Conscious Mind. When there is no contradiction, the Sub-Conscious and the Conscious Mind work as one unit towards a shared goal. But when our Conscious Mind wants something which goes against any of our Knowns, the Critical Mind rejects the thought. This is what happened when we try and fail to lose weight, stop smoking, face a fear or change a bad habit. And it is what Freud referred to as the Ego.


How Hypnotherapy works

     Hypnotherapy works by using hypnosis to temporarily suspend your Critical Mind, allowing direct communication with your Sub-Conscious Minds. In this way, Hypnotherapy helps you align you Conscious and Sub-Conscious goals to achieve greater happiness and success. The suggestions we plant there grow nurtured by both you conscious and sub-conscious intention.